Adam Lambert – The Original High (Album Review)

Two reviews in 1 day? Yes, aren’t you lucky people.

This time round we look at the already released album (15th June) from Adam Lambert – The Original High.

I am writing this, listening to the album for the first time, this means these thoughts are my genuine first impressions.

The lead single of this album us the infectious bass driven ‘Ghost Town’, starting off with an almost ‘Maroon 5’ feel, with a dash of Guitar remiscent of Avicii’s hit ‘Wake me up’, this isn’t a bad thing though, just when you have settled in it takes a turn with an upbeat bass driven riff that reminds me of the milder electro house days of the Fedde Le Grand styles around 2009 time. I really like this track and until seeing Adam perform it on the National Lottery I was pretty much unaware of it, let’s hope this changes in the coming weeks before it’s release on July 31st. (The album version does contain Explicit Lyrics).

Track 2 is the title track ‘The Original High’, this reminds of summers abroad, sat by the beach with a bar playing music in the background while you sip on your beer/cocktail. It is – as expected after the first track – a well produced, well structured uptempo pop/club track, it does have a great feel to it, there is a catchy hook to the track which would see it sit well on a package with a selection of remixes for the DJ’s and itunes “Single” buying public.

‘Another Lonely Night’ sits third on the album, again we are sticking with the infectious pop sound that has dominated the first section of the album. It is a nice track with a great driving chorus, not quite as catchy as the title track but not a filler either, it sits well in the album, but I can’t see this being a single (This version does contain Explicit Lyrics).

‘Undergound’ is the next track on the album and starts in a completely different direction to the rest of the album, a more somber affair, deeper and darker. It is a welcome break from the first three tracks but it constantly feels like it is about to break out into a massive beat driven drum and bass style affair, it teases all the way through without ever making that transition, which for me was a relief as it is a great track and shows Adam’s versatile approach. Possible single? I think so.

Track 5 starts off very quiet and gentle, a soft vocal comes in and teases the mind, ‘There I said it’ then moves on with a gentle clapping and eventually builds to a climactic boy band style ballad. Well positioned on the album again, will it make a single release. I am not so sure but that is not to say it isn’t good, it is.

Tove Lo has been making waves recently and she joins Adam for the first of the 2 duets on the album, it is driven by a breakbeat style beat yet still quite a gentle track, emotional and powerful all the way through, rising and dropping for a bit of dramatic effect throughout. A great chorus with both joining in will be a selling point. Another possible single. (This version does contain Explicit Lyrics).

‘Evil in the night’ sits 7th on the album, kicking off with just Adam’s vocal and a building beat in the background, here we see a more Drum and Bass style approach, with an almost ‘Maroon 5’ style feel and vocal. This track has a great feel and certainly wouldn’t be out of place on Commercial Radio in the UK.

Track 8 is the second of the 2 Duets and the most obvious partnership possible as this time Brian May from queen joins the fun. As expected from the partnership it is a decent Rock orientated track. This track reminds me of the milder Fall Out Boy tracks, this isn’t a bad thing at all, it is a great and diverse track to add to a perfect showcase album for Adam.

‘Things I Didn’t say’ is track 9 on the album and to be honest, I found it to be a bit of filler track. The album as a whole has impressed me this far but for some reason this feels to forced, it doesn’t really have that unique feel that any of the others have, it ticks along in a stand pop format but doesn’t stand out from the crowd. sorry.

Track 10 is instantly a move back to the upbeat start, A great track right from the start. Very current in it’s style and appeal, vocal driven but with that powerful bass pushing you to the dancefloor.

The final track (on this version) is ‘Heavy Fire’, a haunting start with a slowly filtered beat pushing up through the back ground, the vocals are emotional and powerful, breaking to a few sections of sampled vocals to break it up, another good track.

My original impression of Adam Lambert was from his time fronting Queen during a recent tour, this album has surprised me in many ways.

The album is a great mix of styles showing off Adam’s versatility and some great production, my worry is whether there are enough ‘Singles’ on the album that could push his career. This is not a comment on the quality of tracks or the Album as a whole, but as with any album there needs to be a few absolutely stand out tracks to drive the album and they feel a little lost in this album.

All in all it is a great album, don’t get me wrong. Whether it will bring Adam more into the public eye and push his career forward, that is the bit I am unsure of

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