Andrea Faustini – Kelly (Album Review)

So, I have to be honest right from the start...

I never ever thought I would feel compelled to write a review of an Andrea Faustini single, let alone an album.

Yes he was great in the X-Factor but a little too 'samey' (ok I know that isn't a real word), so fast forward roughly 6 Months and he is here with his album, and the first track from the album is released on July 10th with the Album "Andrea Faustini - Kelly" being released on the 17th.

I have listened to the album in track order and the first thing that hit's you right from the first track 'It'll all end in tears' is that this is a much more upbeat experience than you would expect from someone that essentially belted out "Diva" tracks on the show. Track 1 kicks off with a mild building start with an infectious chorus starting to make its appearance at around 30 secs in to the track, it is a song about fighting against the odds and making the best of a situation, it is an upbeat journey song that grows on you and certainly has the feel good emotion attached to it.

Track 2 soon is a more calm experience, called 'Evaporate' this track starts quite mellow, almost back to the 'Diva' style, it is a big power ballad style track, talking about feelings for a past love that he longs for, wishing that the feelings would 'Evaporate', this track is surely planned as Single, it is very 'Radio'.

'The River' is track 3 and immediately starts with an almost bluegrass guitar and rhythm to it, this breaks to a very middle of the road pop song, very radio friendly and sure to get a space on the Commercial Stations around the country, it is something I expect to drive the sales of the album without a doubt. Potential Number 1? I am not sure but if released I can see this being very popular.

The title track is next 'Kelly' starts with a commanding rhythm and straight into what appears to be a quite 'forceful' vocal rather than the soft gentle tones of previous tracks, again, a very radio friendly song about the lost relationship with 'Kelly'. It drives you along and pulls you all the way through, building all the way with a great Brass section mildly luring you in, the compulsory backing stop around 30 secs from the end with a great drop from the power vocal to a gentle soft end.

Track 5 is a calm, gentle and Powerful song, 'You pulled me through' is certainly more like the Andrea Faustini we saw in the shows but with a big dollop of Gospel, this is a ballad about the help of a loved one guiding him back on the right road, it is full of gospel style backing vocals, you can almost see the darkened stage with white lights on Andrea and just the gowns of the backing group lit up.

'Back to the sea' starts off with just Andrea and a piano, it is track 6 and provides a welcome change in style to the intro's, the track continues like this but it does still feel quite upbeat. It's another positive challenge against the odds type song (Can you see a pattern emerging here!)

'Give a little live' is next, and also the first single from the album, released on the 10th July 2015, it kicks in with a predominant drum and those Gospel singers are back, when the tracks comes to life around 1.05 in, it does feel almost religious (especially with the gospel singers) although I don't see that you could actually say it is, it just sounds inspired by, it's got the compulsory break down to just claps, vocals and beat, it isn't a bad outing for a first single but in my honest opinion there are better tracks on the album.

With 3 tracks left on the album we move to 'What would Dusty do', this is a very blues orientated song, something you could place in any collection with the classics, it relies heavily on Anrdrea Faustini's vocal as it is very stripped back, it is most definitely a great track to sit and relax too.

Track 10 is the only track in his native tongue, so my understanding of the lyrics is quite limited (OK very limited) 'Lascia Tutto Cosi' however is back to the power ballad style, emotionally dragging you kicking and screaming through the song, the translation in google translate comes back as "leaves everything so".

The final track is 'I didn't know my own strength', this appears to have been a conscious decision to hark back to the Boot Camp stages of the X-Factor when he performed this cover of the Whitney Houston hit. It is a great way to finish the album, bringing back the memories for him and his fans.

I don't really have too much left to say apart from, it is actually a good album, my only criticism is that they could maybe have broken it up more and not relied so heavily on the 'Power Ballad' style tracks, he has proved he can do other styles well too, but all in all you get the true sense of Andrea Faustini and his Gospel inspirations. We will be hearing a lot of this album on the Radio, of that I am certain.