Aston Merrygold Debut Single

As we are all about providing the music to make your special day end on a high, we thought we would blog a bit more about the music we hear, get sent and fills our dancefloors.

This weekend before going off on our adventures to Newark, we were sent our usual bunch of Promotional Singles and one that was in this bunch, was Aston Merrygold (Yes formerly of JLS fame). It initially passed through to the work collection without so much as a peep.

However, since getting 5 minutes to sit back and tune in, we have taken a liking to this offering. Let me back that statement up with a few caveats, this is NOT groundbreaking, it’s not pushing any boundaries and it has more than a coincidental ‘Bruno Mars-esque’ feel to it.

It’s is an unapologetic funky pop track with the almost inevitable funky ‘quiff’ hairdo and – as mentioned before – a Bruno Mars style dance routine. it keeps you hooked in with references all the way through, especially in the video, with mimicking of the MJ classic Thriller video, a slight hint to the 90’s Tag Team classic Whoomp! There it is in there too.

We do encourage you to make up your own mind, so take a look at the video below: