Every event is different, so we tailor our prices to fit perfectly with each client

As with any business our prices vary depending on your event's finer details.

We are not a cheap outfit, working to earn an extra bit of cash to pay for our next night out, we play by the rules, we make sure that you get a professional service from a professional company.

We have our fees and we do not generally negotiate based on another DJ offering to do the same event cheaper, we are proud of what we do and we are worth every penny of our fee.

After all, you don't buy a 10 year old Ford Fiesta and expect it to drive like a brand new Audi do you?

This is purely as a guide, our most basic package would be available within a 20 mile radius, from 7:30pm-11pm and would cost £225, as said above, this will change depending on your requirements.

Our price includes a full £10m PLI, as required by many hotels and all our gear is PAT tested.

We charge a 25% booking fee in order to confirm your booking and reserve the date, this is non refundable and we also require you to read through and accept our Terms & Conditions before booking.

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