Quality Mobile Disco

At Perfectly Individual the Disco we provide is of the highest quality, we make sure that what you ask for is exactly what you get.

Listening to what our clients want from us before the night is as important as the night itself, making sure you get a quality mobile disco for your Wedding or Party.

We have a vast collection of excellent quality music gained over 20 years, from the classics to the very latest music and all in highest audio quality, ensuring you hear only the best version of the songs you love.

We do not and have never resorted to using music from youtube or soundcloud during an event. This may seem like a normal thing to do for some people, but the audio quality is highly reduced through these mediums. We make sure we have everything you want or need before the night itself.

Your first dance is a very special moment, make sure that you get the song you want, the version you want, at the time you want.

Your Wedding Disco is just one part of your day, but it can be the part that makes or breaks it.