Stereo Kicks – Love Me So (Single Review)

So let's set the scene...

X-Factor contestants Chris, Barclay, Charlie, Jake, Casey, Tom, Reece and James were united during the 2014 show as each failed individually to get through the Boot Camp Stage of the show, the newly formed eight piece made a big impression on the show though and have been tipped to be the next One Direction.

This is their first single, it is called 'Love Me So' and even though the band split from Louis Walsh after the series finished, the song does sound very much like something from the Louis Walsh stable of music, very much in the style of a modern Westlife or Boyzone, the fans of Stereo Kicks probably won't like that statement but it really isn't a stand out first single in it's radio friendly version. It is a very predictable format and feels very much like songs we have hear many times before, even though it is new!

Stereo Kicks - Love Me So

Now, let's just take the Remixes into account, the one's I have been sent come in 2 version, A Steve Smart Remix and a Westfuk Remix, both of which I admire enormously for transforming tracks into masterpieces.

Starting with the Steve Smart Remix, this is a true pop/dance remix of the best kind, taking the track to a more upbeat - less westlife - level, with a strong identity of strings and synths throughout, a strong beat and some great build into the chorus.

Westfunk drops the tempo to 118 bpm in comparison to the 128 joy of the Steve Smart Remix, however this means the vocals have had to be manipulated more and it does feel a little strange on the ears and there is a slight wobble in the vocal at times, it is a good remix and will definitely find a place in a lot of DJ sets but personally I feel Steve Smart came out on top in this package.

We will have to see if there are more remixes out there..

In my honest opinion it is a solid debut single but maybe a little 'Safe' I look forward to seeing what else they have to offer and if this single sells well, what the follow up will be and the big question, can they break the boy band ballad style model and become more unique?