Thank You Casey Neistat..

Ok, so let me elaborate on the title ‘Thank You Casey Neistat’…

Approx 2 weeks ago I stumbled across Casey on Youtube, I had never heard of him before and didn’t know what to expect. If I am honest, I am not even sure how I found the channel or which video came first for me, however, I took the time and watched his vlog intently.

So to give a bit of context to Casey and his channel, March 25th 2015 was the date of Casey’s 34th birthday and also the day he decided to announce that he was going to make a daily vlog for aslong as he could hack it…116 vlogs later and I have just finished watching his vlog for today, still as hooked as yesterday and the day before and with 844k followers I know I am not alone with that.

I have to admit at this point that I am a bit obsessed with New York, I have never been and it is an item on my bucket list, when I can finally afford the flight from the UK.

Back to Casey’s vlog and in the end the reason I am writing this blog post.

Casey’s vlog is a great insight into the life of someone I now find truly captivating, he has a very honest way of living his life, accepting no crap but not being negative or aggressive in the process, most of his vlog’s derive from his time with his family or at his ‘New Company’ (Finally announced as BEME, but more on that later) in NYC, then there are the family times at his childhood town of New London in Connecticut and his numerous travels.

Casey is a Film Maker first and foremost, his past work made his name, but it is his vlog and BEME that are quite clearly his future, he is a workaholic that thrives off little sleep, $1 Pizza and regular excersize. His videos range from moments in front of his Canon DSLR with just his phone, answering public questions to ‘Mail Time’ where he aggressively rips open the piles of gifts from his fans (Please Do Not send him a human head!)

But he does have a lot of fun inbetween the work, he has spent a lot of time recently with other youtubers Ben Brown & Louis¬†and also even appeared in an episode of Schmoyoho‘s ‘Songify The News

However, the main success of Casey’s channel is not as would expected from my initial thoughts on this blog post, he is a highly inspiration guy, inbetween the highly structured vlog intro timelapse and the sudden ‘vlog *** is over’ there is alot of content with meaning, he knows how to tell a story, share a life and also push you to think about what you do with your life.

Do not underestimate any single part of the process, Casey regularly stays up editing for 4 hours or more to get the vlog out, as much as he pays attention to the editing he also pays great attention to the music he uses. He features an amazing amount of unsigned artists in the ambient/chill side of the musical spectrum, something that the artists themselves see the benefit of, with tracks on soundcloud by any artist featured on a vlog having around 20,000+ views in comparison to an average of around 4,000 without the appearance.

This got me looking into the artists and also exploring more of the unsigned ambient artists on soundcloud and it really has opened my eyes to what ‘other’ music is around at the minute, and sparked my want to get back into a podcast type show. but let’s stop there for a second and talk about Casey’s new product/company ‘BEME‘.

Very little info was available until this week about BEME, I am not going to go into detail because the video below explains it all…

but you see this is where Casey got me thinking, there are 2 issues with Podcasting, 1 is reaching a wide audience and 2 is coming up with a format that lasts long enough for someone to listen to and enjoy, but not too long that they get bored, the premise of 4 second un edited, non staged videos that you don’t even get to see yourself really did appeal to me (Unfotunately I am on Android so I will have to wait longer to get hold of the App).

So my thought is probably nothing new, but hopefully something a little different from me…I am going to start back with podcasting after a break of almost a year, but not with a 1 hour show, or a 30 min mix or anything like that. So I am going to start a Daily 5 Min Podcast, yes just 5 mins, it could be me talking, it could be music, it could be a link to a video included in the podcast, it could be anything. But the purpose of the podcast is to provide an insight into my life, my music etc without the ability to see what is going on, without being able to judge my actions based on what you see, you can only hear the thoughts etc of my life.

This may spread to a vlog eventually, but as Radio is my first love, it makes sense to make good, compelling audio before trying to master video.

So, more details (name etc) will be announced shortly, along with the first podcast.

Finally, as I said in the intro/title


Stu Ritchie