Wedding Disco Advice

Looking for a Wedding Disco?

Well, let’s start by sharing the most important bit of advice we can…


Perfectly Individual might not be the right Wedding Disco for you, and we don’t mind that, but we still want you to have the best night possible, whoever you do finally chose.

When choosing a DJ or Disco, remember one thing, a bad DJ can ruin a party just as much as a bad Photographer or Caterer can ruin the Photos or Meal, so don’t see it as an easy way to save money, see it more as an investment in your 1 day of happiness.

DJ’s & Mobile Discos across the country can vary greatly in price, and one thing I hear more than anything is “£*** for playing a few songs?” (or words to that effect), you can find DJ’s from as little as £60 and as much as £1000+ for a wedding, but the price is a misleading piece of info, why? well let me explain…

In the world of entertainment there are those that do it for a hobby and those that do it professionally, either way the end product can look and feel similar and the price can be massively different, let’s just put this into some context….When booking your wedding venue you will most likely have looked around many venues, some including catering and a DJ, some just offering a room, the prices can be as little as £1000 and as much as £40,000, but if your best friend said to you “I have a big living room, you can get married there for £50” would you take them up on the offer? no? Why not? Well, first of all they wouldn’t have a license to marry people in their property, they wouldn’t have the chairs, the Flowers, the Staff to manage the ceremony or the Insurance to cover such an event, it just wouldn’t be practical, no matter how cheap it was, well the same could be said for Discos…

In order to provide a mobile disco, a few things are needed before a DJ even plays a song, such as…

All the cables required

And that is before we look at..

Public Liability Insurance a.k.a PLI (more about that later)
Portable Appliance Tested Equipment
Contracts (for yours and their protection)
Time to Maintain the Equipment
Musical Research Time
Gig Prep (Meeting with Clients)

These might seem like I am picking things at random, but they all cost money, even as a hobby you would surely struggle to turn up to “play some tunes” for £60 with all that expenditure?

So, the equipment can cost thousands of pounds, from good quality speakers so that your guests know what they can dance to, to Lighting that is fit for a Hotel and not just a bedroom, Transporting all that equipment isn’t cheap either, then we look at the cost of the insurance, and yes Discos do need PLI it covers both you and them if anyone is involved in an accident involving the DJ’s gear, the equimpent needs to be safe too, that is why we have PAT in place to make sure it is, Contracts are there to provide protection for you and the DJ, you don’t want to be left without a Disco on your wedding day, do you?

Software and music can be found illegally from the internet these days, it is not good for you or the industry, make sure you check out your DJ before booking, make sure they are legit, it will make a difference.

And finally, nothing is more valuable than experience, you can’t fake it, you can’t hide from it, but you can tell a mile off!

Be safe, choose wisely and even if you don’t pick Perfectly Individual for your Wedding Disco, we hope you have an amazing time