Wedding Disco Music?

Every Wedding Disco is different!

Once you are over the main part of the organisation of your special day, you then start thinking about what your first dance is going to be and even what wedding disco music you would like to be played during your evening reception.

We would never tell you what to do for your special day, but here are some words of advice when it comes to your Wedding Disco….


Playlists are becoming more and more common in everyday life, with the likes of iTunes, Spotify & Google Play being big players and advocates of the Playlist.

But there are 2 types of Playlist when it comes to a wedding, and they can give very drastic end results, there is the type of Playlist that contains maybe 10-20 ‘Favourite Songs’ that you would like playing during the night, and then the 5 A4 sheets of Playlist with ‘Every Song should be played in this order’ typed across the top.

We wouldn’t turn you away because of your playlist but let’s just take a moment to put this into context.

You choose a DJ for your event because you want everyone to enjoy themselves and you want a great atmosphere with everyone going home remembering your fantastic wedding, just as you choose your food because you want everyone to feel full and satisfied with the great taste in front of them..ok, maybe a bad analogy, but I hope you get my point.

When choosing a Caterer or Hotel for your event, you wouldn’t generally tell them what ingredients to use in the food they are serving you, you would trust them to provide the best food on the day.

The same should be the thought when booking your DJ, give an idea of the feel of music you want, and the favourites you would like, but let the DJ do what he does best, that is the reason you have booked a DJ and not put your iPod on shuffle yes?

If you feel that your DJ needs a playlist to get them through the night, then maybe your confidence in your DJ is a little on the low side, make sure that the Wedding Disco you book make sure feel sure that they will do their best to rock your party and keep everyone happy.

and now for some music…

First Dance

Pick your first dance for you, not anyone else. Don’t be afraid to pick something different, it is about you after all and any song can have a significant impact on a life.

As an example, this was mine and my wife’s in 2014….